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Forum on Foreclosure

There is a forum for the community on property foreclosure, including confidential counselors to help you understand and work through the process. The event is Saturday October 11th, from 10 until Noon, in Montgomery Village. See for more details. This is an event sponsored by Delegate Kirill Reznik of district 39, I couldn’t find […]

Many Transportation Projects In Jeopardy

Nancy Floreen alerts us to the cancellation of the Georgia Ave./Randolph Road intersection improvements, along with several others.  Is anyone surprised that the ICC project has dried up most transportation funds?  Wasn’t this predicted by ICC opponents? We need to get serious about transportation funding.  We know that delaying projects leads to higher costs in […]

URGENT!!! ICC To End in Norbeck!

In a stunning surprise, the State Highway Administration has decided to exit phase one of the ICC (270 to Georgia Ave.) directly at Baileys Lane in our neighborhood.  See this link for information from the state. SHA claims this was done with discussions with surrounding communities, but obviously this did not happen with the community […]

Think Tank on Property Tax Reliance

Council member Nancy Floreen is sponsoring a discussion on property tax.  If you would like to participate, see below.  I’m not sure if there is another discussion for those who think property tax is the proper primary source of county income. ========= Please join me, along with civic, business and elected leaders to look at […]

Montgomery County Council Building Case to Introduce Many Increases in Taxes

In a recent newsletter from Council member-at-large Nancy Floreen, a volunteer working group looking at financing of public works projects has come up with several recommendations: Obtain state authorization for a local option motor fuel excise tax, motor fuel sales tax, or motor vehicle registration fee. Enact new local excise tax on non-residential commuter parking […]

MSHA’s Deforestation Program Continues

Efficiently provide mobility for our customers through a safe, well-maintained and attractive highway system that enhances Maryland’s communities, economy and environment. – Maryland State Highway Administration’s Mission Statement Efficient, adjective: productive without waste As part of the of $2,400,000,000 (current projections) of construction expense the Maryland State Highway Administration is spending to build the Inter-County […]