Many Transportation Projects In Jeopardy

Nancy Floreen alerts us to the cancellation of the Georgia Ave./Randolph Road intersection improvements, along with several others.  Is anyone surprised that the ICC project has dried up most transportation funds?  Wasn’t this predicted by ICC opponents?

We need to get serious about transportation funding.  We know that delaying projects leads to higher costs in the long run while canceling them altogether would lead to environmentally destructive sprawl and crippling congestion.  Some folks may think we can’t afford costly transportation projects, but we really can’t afford a future that leaves commuters paralyzed by gridlock and isolates the emerging business sectors of the state.  To learn more, visit my blog, and let me know what you think. (from “Nancy at Large”)

It is interesting to note that the Georgia/Randolph intersection was identified as the county’s second transportation priority as far back as 2004.  Now it’s pushed back at least 3.  The ICC project has trumped all things transportation and does so little to improve traffic in the county.