Montgomery County Council Building Case to Introduce Many Increases in Taxes

In a recent newsletter from Council member-at-large Nancy Floreen, a volunteer working group looking at financing of public works projects has come up with several recommendations:

  • Obtain state authorization for a local option motor fuel excise tax, motor fuel sales tax, or motor vehicle registration fee.
  • Enact new local excise tax on non-residential commuter parking spaces.
  • Increase the recordation tax rate.
  • Increase the rates and coverage of impact taxes for financing “new capacity” projects.
  • Endorse the Council’s decision to maximize the use of general obligation debt to a level that maintains the AAA rating.

If your keeping score, the five leading ideas are increase gas tax, increase parking tax, increase recordation tax, increase impact taxes, and borrow money (increase future taxes). No ideas on saving money, reducing county services, selling off county white elephants, or moving funds from less effective projects.

We’re obviously pulling volunteer working group members from the same pool we get politicians from.